Favs of 2015

This feels like the sort of thing that once you’re out of the New Years celebrations and retrospectives bombs seems kind of pointless but with the Hugo Nomination deadline coming up (March 31st, don’t forget to nom if you’re eligible!) I figured it was finally time to compile my list of favourites from 2015.



Short Story

Graphic Story

Other Considerations:

  • Jenna Kass for Best Fan Artist
  • Advantageous for Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form (available on Netflix)
  • Uncanny Magazine for Best Semi-Pro Zine
  • Something something Steven Universe and The Expanse eps for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form (haven’t fully thought this through yet for specifics)

A Very DeFraction DragonCon!

This weekend is HeroesCon and I’m nuts excited to flail at all my favourite creators but today’s announcements have me looking to September and my favourite con because

AHHHHHH! Last year Kelly Sue came and it was wonderful. She took part in the fun run (I actually got to stand next to her in the group picture! Except I was just out of frame oops) and did THE BEST panels and of course took duckface selfies.

DragonCon 2014: Me as Deathface Ginny taking obligatory Kelly Sue selfie

But this year we’re getting BOTH of them and I can’t even with how amazing that’s going to be! Better get working on a Defraction inspired cosplay for this year!