Today’s Bigenda: Gifts!

The release of Oprah’s Favourite Things officially marks the beginning of gift guide season and while this list will not be anywhere near as out of touch and lolworthy as Goop’s it will provide you with ideas for all your favourite bisexuals!

Hannako of Space Gays fame has Chaotic Bi pins for DnD loving (or just spacey and scattered) bis! Sadly they are sold out for the preorders however there is a mailing list you can join to be alerted when the stock arrives and they go up for sale!


While I’m more of a dark side gal Star Wars is life and these bi rebel resist pins are perfect! (also available in ace, trans and rainbow)

Fact: All bis are babes. And Julia Reck knows it and has designed this gorgeous Bi Babe pin for us to proudly state facts. Her store is only open til November 19th so if you’re wanting this as a gift you better act soon!

Feelings are The Worst. We all know it to be true. Unless they come in bi and then they can be grudgingly accepted. And once they’re accepted obviously they need to be displayed which is where creator of the card for card carrying bisexuals Kate Leth comes in with this fantastic bisexual feelings shirt in dark and light grey.

Bianca Designs has this awesome graphic on totes, shirts and as pins in many iterations in her pride collection as well as some fantastic pronoun merch she designed over at Peachy Collective.

Shoes shoes shoes is there anything better than shoes? Actually yeah going barefoot but still! I actually have Nike Flyknits in hightops and the barefoot running style and I love what great colours they have as well as that weird hugging your foot feeling. Fluevogs are a menace, don’t go down that road, stick to the birks and the docs that you’re used to.

Zodiac Starforce by Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau is honestly one of my favourite comics out there. Magical girls kicking ass and a bi mc I was so emotional when I read the first trade because it’s everything the knew at 10 I was into girls Sailor Moon obsessed 90s kid I was could’ve ever dreamed of. Volume One would be the perfect gift and Volume 2 (featuring everyone’s new fucky fireprince boyfriend) is ongoing now! As a bonus Paulina has a shop with gorgeous prints and pins and even a Zodiac Starforce shirt!

There was an article recently about how going for that fun jacket will lift your mood over the winter and who cares about matching since really all you need to match to is your pants and those are typically neutrals anyway. These aren’t really winter coats but all of them are fun! But if you want that I’m Tired bomber as seen on new nerd lord Taika Waititi act fast because preorders end November 11ish and the company has stated they won’t be carrying stock.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.34.02 AM

There are always going to be those assholes who question the validity of bisexuality and our place in the LGBT+ community but this shirt is here to remind you that you are queer enough. We are all queer enough. There’s no test, no proof, just you as you are.

And even more shirts! Did you know there’s a wholeass site called bisexualtshirts? They have some pretty fun designs! And this zero pressure, zero expectations shirt just grips my heart in the same way queer enough does (fyi both of these designs are available in a number of other colourways for other queer identities who get questioned constantly as they should be.)

Obligatory homegoods section! Your bi book lover needs candles right? Kuhn Rikon’s Colori line are both good quality and while none of the sets are properly bi you can totally DIY it. Blue chef’s knife, purple serrated and pink paring and you’re kitchen ready! Sandy makes GORGEOUS tea cups with amazing designs, just look at those sweet ghost babes!

There’s honestly no such thing as too many pins or patches so here’s some more! I am so sorry the links don’t match up with the picture order because that drives me crazy but let’s be real, I’m too lazy to fix it.

  • Just a couple of gals, palling around. nbd.
  • Idk what’s up with those extra colours but Bitch, Please is such hashtag mood
  • Still trying to figure out just what I need to power this ward but I’ll get there!
  • Ok Queer as in Fuck You is probably the obvious choice but I mean, bi baths!
  • Bi at…Pelvis? Lungs? Hand? Heart!
  • Everything about BIsmuth screams bi from the name to the chemical symbol to the rock itself! We are so blessed.
  • Kids love cuties! Bis love queer cuties!
  • This sloth is so pure
  • If you know a bibabe with no pettiness protect them at all costs
  • BiBeetles >>>>> normal ones
  • You can fight me if you want but everything about everyone’s favourite murder droid K-2S0 screams bi to me.
  • Would you like your soft serve rainbow, bi or fuck off? Actually the fuck off comes either way


Books are always a fantastic gift and while books featuring bisexual main characters can be hard to find here’s some that I absolutely adore.

All of these books will have you crying in bisexual over the rep that you wish was everywhere but is at least so clear here. Confusing crushes and bisexual love triangles and exciting stories full of wonderful characters, it’s everything we deserve.

Bless Patagonia for their logo being inherently bi so there’s a lot of options there but the BiBison? BIson? Bi-son? really wins the day. I mean it’s inherently bi! The trucker hat in radar blue really speaks to me but apparently there are people who don’t like those and you definitely can’t go wrong with a basic long sleeve tee! Non- Bi-Sonly the Harvest Moon beanie is both on sale and fantastic!


Ok ok I know the joke is about unicorns something something rare and hard to find but I’m here to submit Glisten the Reindeer as bimascot. She’s powered by stars and has a fabulous cape! What more could we want?

Of course. Obviously. Duh. No Question. Stereotypes are real damnit.

UPDATE: I will never be satisfied and more ideas kept coming to me so:

Bombsheller makes some FANTASTIC quality leggings that can handle even the thickest thighs ranging from XS-6X. They just released these stunningly bi Jen Bartel Galactic Cat leggings, are home to three different Non-Compliant leggings (I have them in floral. If you haven’t read Bitch Planet that’s another comic for the gift list!) and have a great pride collection!

The movies seriously failed us on the rep department and hopefully they fix that in the future but we still have our Big Two Canonically Bi Superheroes Wonder Woman and Valkyrie and that’s never a bad thing to celebrate even while wishing for more right? The Valkyrie merch is seriously lacking but I’m hoping that changes considering what a runaway star she was in Thor: Ragnarok but Funko is here for us on both fronts and while the Wonder Woman movie didn’t give us the rep, it did give us this fabulous quote and jordandene gave us the matching merch!


I have exactly nowhere to wear this CelestiallyBi Dress and yet I need it so badly! If you haven’t been swept up by eShakti yet I’m not sorry. Go ask a friend for a referral so you get a discount and go to town with their fully customizable and too often too adorable for words designs!


Spoilers Vs. Spoiling

The internet is rife with people ready to spout spoilers on any subject of choosing. Assholes who don’t care that there are people who want to go into a movie or start a book without knowing anything about it, they just have to proclaim their knowledge to the world, taking pleasure in affecting others experiences.

But while people think of spoilers in the “Snape kills Dumbledore” sense, big events, specific plot points, there’s dozens of ways to spoil a work for someone without even meaning to. Every piece of information about a work skews how view the work, takes away from the impact of seeing the work as a whole piece because consciously or subconsciously you’re waiting for that moment. It happens in trailers for movies all the time (for all that Age of Ultron was a mess of a movie I’m glad I didn’t see a lot of the trailers and got to be as surprised by Clint Barton’s family as the rest of The Avengers were) and there’s a reason I don’t like to read reviews of the things I’m interested in until afterwards (I do enjoy reading them afterwards. I get a lot of satisfaction when views line up with mine and I like seeing things from a different perspective once I’ve had the opportunity to form my own opinions).

This is obviously a specific level of spoiler avoidance and most of it is on me to keep away from the information but still a lot of people like to express their opinions on things in ways they believe are non-spoilery without realizing the impact they have. Because every piece of information skews experiences. If you’re livetweeting a show and someone sees that 15min into the show suddenly there’s a huge burst of OMGWTF tweets they’re going to be watching expecting that moment (which is why please always tag/announce your livetweets for easy muting!) and it doesn’t matter that they don’t know what the specific moment is, it’s enough to know that there’s something.

This isn’t a plea for no spoilers ever just shut your mouth and don’t say anything until you know everyone has seen it. That’s ridiculous and extreme. But this is a plea to be mindful of how your words can affect someone else’s experience. People who are assholes and don’t care about spoiling things for others, they aren’t going to change. But for those who think they’re being non-spoilery, an example of how experiences can be skewed.

I just finished the book Bloodline by Claudia Gray and I adored it to bits (spoilers for Bloodline follow. Specifically character development. Go read the book if you haven’t.) Continue reading

Favs of 2015

This feels like the sort of thing that once you’re out of the New Years celebrations and retrospectives bombs seems kind of pointless but with the Hugo Nomination deadline coming up (March 31st, don’t forget to nom if you’re eligible!) I figured it was finally time to compile my list of favourites from 2015.



Short Story

Graphic Story

Other Considerations:

  • Jenna Kass for Best Fan Artist
  • Advantageous for Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form (available on Netflix)
  • Uncanny Magazine for Best Semi-Pro Zine
  • Something something Steven Universe and The Expanse eps for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form (haven’t fully thought this through yet for specifics)