So this weekend is Wiscon and I am woefully unprepared (guys did you know that if you’re leaving straight from work on Thursday that you have to be packed BEFORE going to work that day???) but it’s going to be an amazing time I’m sure! I’m so hyped to see everyone and go to amazing panels and eat all the food (PS Sol’s is some of the best Korean food I’ve had and the Sexy Fries at Mickey’s live up to their name).

I’m going to be on TWO panels for this my first Wiscon!

Finn is Not Your Son 
Friday 12.00-13.15 University C
Characters of color are often reduced to the background, de-centered even when they have a prominent place in a film, game, book, etc. There’s a trend of calling characters “my problematic son” or “my helpless child.” When applied to characters of color that are already pushed to the side, this turns to a trope of infantalizing non-white characters. How do we stop this? How can we talk about characters of color without calling them children?

Finding Your Filipinx Fandom Fam
Monday 10.00-11.15 University B
2016 was a banner year for Filipinx creators, with Filipinas claiming the first wins ever of the World Fantasy Award, Nebula Award, and Hugo Award. But Filipinx in fandom are nothing new. How has fandom provided opportunities for Filipinx creators and fans to explore issues such as colonialism, identity, internalized racism, food, family, and community? What has it meant for Filipinx fans and creators to connect through fandom? This panel will highlight and celebrate the growing visibility of and access to SFF works by Filipinx creators and explore the diversity of perspectives within the Filipinx SFF community.

Other places you’ll be able to find me include the POC Dinner and Uncanny Magazine Space Unicorn Party Friday night,DAniYoIXsAAUOCk

Attending so many amazing panels like:

And of course just around hanging out (I’m sure twitter will tell you where!). Also I’m going to need people to physically stop me from heading over to see if Zach Roman has any walk-in availability. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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