So Spaced Married – Star Wars Rebels: Siege of Lothal

At Star Wars Celebration after the screening of Siege of Lothal I was seething with jealousy because even though I knew tough scheduling choices had to be made, it’s still sad you can’t make everything and this got chopped since I knew we’d see it eventually and eventually has come!

When everyone got out of the screening the screeches of “so space married!” were heard around Anaheim and boy oh boy is it true. One of my favourite things about Rebels is the relationship between Kanan and Hera, mom and dad of Ghost. We don’t need an in your face will they won’t they drama filled relationship, their banter and caring is just perfect. General Hera indeed.

But while that’s what space married fans are eyeing SO MUCH more is taking place and it’s all amazing. The intensity has definitely ramped up this season now that the team has thoroughly gelled and are leaving Lothal for bigger and badder prospects.

So much of Siege of Lothal is “I can’t believe they went there already!” but it all gels so smoothly and as said in Rebels Recon, the rest of the season will be dealing with the holy shit reallyness of the premiere. I don’t know how we’re going to manage until the fall…maybe just rewatch Siege every week until it’s time for more.

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