Nebula’s Weekend (A Week Late)

Last weekend the SFWA hosted Nebulas weekend here in Chicago and as much as I wanted to go to the entire thing, it also happened to be my birthday weekend so life was booked (not to mention it was Game 2 of Stanley Cup Finals and I had to watch the Hawks lose…at least we came back in Game 4!) but I did manage to get to the Mass Autographing open to the public on Friday night.

I am the worst at meeting people for the first time or two without a wingperson. I stutter and squeak and get all flushed and it’s just so hard, especially when it’s people I admire but oh gosh it was so much fun anyway.

I flailed at Nick Offerman about how wonderful he is. He signed my bag of signing and said “I’m going to make it look like the dog is farting my name.” It totally does.

I bonded with Mary Robinette Kowal about our cats that we adopted from the same rescue and about how when I try to talk about her and use MRK my phone tries to autofill my last name resulting in amusing conversations where it looks like I’m flailing about myself.

I pouted at Sarah Monette over how whenever people talk about Goblin Emperor I inevitably get confused and think they’re talking about me which never happens because no one has main characters named Maia (also pouted about how there finally is one and it’s a guy).

I squeaked at Chris Kluwe. And at Ken Liu and Cixin Liu. And Ursula Vernon.

And I was persuaded into going to WisCon next year by a number of people and I cannot wait.

All in all a successful and wonderful evening.

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